Good catch today

Malerecke Langenargen

Yes, completely relatable!

Yes, completely relatable!

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Went to Stuttgart today!

New ring, new day, new phone, hip hip hurray!

In order. Focused streben ! 


recombobulate (third-person singular simple present recombobulatespresent participle recombobulatingsimple past and past participle recombobulated)

  1. (transitive, uncommon) To cause to think clearly again; to reorient; to put back into working order.  [quotations ▼]
  2. (intransitive) To (come to) think clearly again; to reorient oneself; to get (oneself) back into working order. 


As a child, I thought he would be compensating for his HEIGHT. 

Good ol innocent days…

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Hello People of Tumblr!

For those of you who know me personally, I’ve been contemplating this decision for about 3 years. Today it struck me that I am ready for a new love to come into my life, a sphynx kitty. I will be moving into my own studio apartment in June and will desperately need some company and lovin’ for years to come. I’ve contacted a sphynx breeder in my area and they will have available kittens in 7 weeks! 
However, the rarity of this breed hikes up the purchasing price to about $1200. I would love to give a little sweetie a loving home, but I don’t think I can make this much money in that amount of time (I’m an upcoming senior in college, who knows about that RAMEN LIFE!?). I will also be personally saving for what my future babe will need (vaccinations, high quality foods, a bed, bathing soaps, etc) for the next 7 weeks. So this is my selfish plea to anyone willing to help bring some love into my life, to donate anything to help me purchase a kitten in 7 weeks. 
I will keep my go fund me page up-to-date for anyone interested in seeing my goal met.

Below is the place to donate!!

or simply click:


$1 makes all the difference! Plus there are reward levels!! THANK YOU GUYS.

Get a shelter cat - give a nice home to a equaly lovingly scratching, already alive and financially worthless real little soul.

What is it about designer kittens? I had 3 real, hobo kittens and they were as disinterested in me as any pure-breed asshat cat. 

Get kittens off the streets! Adopt! 

The swing by Fragonard, by Harkavagrant!

SQ3R is a useful technique to help you to become a more active reader, increasing your comprehension of a text and also your reading speed.



Read: Work through the text methodically from beginning to end without making notes, concentrate on understanding what the author is saying.

Recite: Pause in your reading to summarize your own understanding of the text and take notes of what the author’s main points are.

Review: Compare what you have recalled with the text itself. Look for any important points that you may have missed and check that you now have the answers to the queries which you defined at the question stage. 


See something. Say nothing. 


See something. Say nothing.